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Orphaned as a baby, S was raised by a string of guardians, more interested in her wealth than her well-being. When her mother's spirit appears claiming she was poisoned, she realizes her family is in grave danger.

Her best chance of uncovering the murderer, though, is an alliance with Death himself.

He recruits the underworld's elite, the smartest and most trustworthy allomancers, each of whom shares one of his many powers.

Only then does he reveal his ultimate dream, not just the greatest heist in history, but the downfall of the divine despot.

She is the daughter and granddaughter of moneylenders, but her father's inability to collect his debts has left his family on the edge of poverty.

Hardening her heart, she sets out to claim what is owed and soon gains a reputation for being able to turn silver into gold.

One day she finds a curious wooden box in her grandfather’s room. She opens it and accidentally frees the spirit of the Mayan god of death, who wants her help recovering his throne from his treacherous brother.

1491, the reign of the last sultanate in the Iberian peninsula, the only remaining Circassian concubine to the sultan.

And her dearest friend the palace mapmaker, who can draw maps of places he's never seen and bend the shape of reality.

"The body you are wearing used to be mine"

So begins the letter M is holding when she awakes in a London park surrounded by bodies wearing latex gloves. She must follow the clues her former self left behind to discover her identity and track down those trying to destroy her.

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.

Within the striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.

Modern retellings of fantasy classics.

A girl blown away from Kansas returns as a sophisticate with unusual gymnastic abilities. Alice’s infamous nemesis has jaws and claws, but also lacks the essential: a sense of humor.

In the ancient city-state of Gujaareh, peace is the only law. Upon its rooftops wait the Gatherers - the keepers of this peace. Their duty is to harvest the magic of the sleeping mind and use it to heal, soothe, and kill.

His house is no ordinary building: its rooms are infinite, its corridors endless, its walls lined with thousands upon thousands of statues, each one unique. Waves thunder up staircases, and rooms are flooded in an instant.

But he is not afraid. He lives to explore the house.

Global conspiracy, complex code-breaking, high-tech data visualization, young love, the secret to eternal life.

Mostly in a hole-in-the-wall San Francisco bookstore.

A constable dreams of being a detective in London's Metropolitan Police.

After taking a statement from a witness who happens to be a ghost, he comes to the attention of the Chief Inspector, who investigates crimes involving magic and other manifestations of the uncanny.

Death comes to us all. When he came to M, he offered him a job.

After being assured that being dead was not compulsory, M accepted.

However, he soon found that romantic longings did not mix easily with the responsibilities of being Death's apprentice…

This is the real world, there is no doubt about that.

But in this world, there are two moons in the sky.

Something extraordinary is starting.

Young LL dodges death and slavery, becoming a thief under the guidance of a gifted con artist.

As leader of his own band of light-fingered brothers, he is soon infamous. But someone still more ambitious and deadly lurks in the shadows.

Ocean's Eleven meets The Godfather.

Swordplay, cut-throat politics, and lesbian necromancers.

The Emperor invites the heirs to each of his loyal Houses to a deadly trial of wits and skill.

C is the the daughter of a nymph. Ignored by the divine beings around her, she is fascinated by mortals.

The gods exile her to an island for fear of her powers. She must eventually choose between the world of the gods and the world of mortals.

Convicted con man is given a choice: face the hangman, or get the city's ancient Post Office up and running.

Now he's facing big problems: there's tons of undelivered mail, ghosts are talking to him, and one of the postmen is 18,000 years old.

How to Train Your Dragon but instead it's a girl who finds a spaceship and goes to Top Gun school.

Like a mashup between Top Gun and Ender's Game with an old broken-down spaceship with a really weird personality.

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